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Research beauty therapists and you will get a plethora of course and training facilities worldwide.

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How To Become a Beauty Therapist: Step-by-Step Career Guide

Google beauty therapist as an occupation and read what comes up. Read about the training qualifications and profession chances to make an informed decision about becoming a beauty therapist.

Should I Become a Beauty Therapist?

Being a beauty therapist can be a very rewarding career and does has its pitfalls too. Once you have done all of your training you can either work for yourself from home or set up a shop front(both not recommended when first starting off) or go to work for an established business for 12 months (recommended).

The reason why is that you will learn more, have money coming in unless you have your own paying customers already and providing you have good office and business training.

Always a trap for all new players when starting out. Not knowing how to run a business successful.

Beauty therapists work with skincare and products to assure their customers and clients are happy, feeling and looking their best. They work in a salon setting providing customer service from a range of different things from body waxing, facials, mani and pedicures, skin lightening hyperpigmentation and intimate whitening

Career Requirements

Degree Level Diploma, certificate, and associate’s degree.
Degree Field Esthetics
Licensure and Certification Licensure is required in every state.
Training Enrollment in an esthetician program or apprenticeship; apprenticeship requires more hours.
Salary (2014) $33,810 per year (Average salary for skincare specialists)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Step 1: Complete Beauty Therapy Training

Attain a High School Diploma

Beauty therapy, a phrase more generally used outside the U.S. for skincare and esthetics.

In most cases, you will need a minimum of or equivalent to a high school diploma as the least schooling requirement for entering in this filed for work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are some schools that offer work placement or career education, such as state-approved cosmetology programs.

That includes esthetician training. Completing these give you a good stepping stone and helps fast track your way to becoming trained and qualified faster.

Enroll in an Esthetician Program

Diploma, certificate, and associate’s degree programs in esthetics are available through postsecondary career education schools, technical schools, and community colleges.

They include speeches, presentations, classroom learning, and school salon training under instructor supervision.

Throughout the training course, you will cover the main core topics and they are,  skincare, anatomy and physiology, manicure and pedicures, eyebrow arching, skin lightening techniques, massage facials, and tempory hair removal training.

You will also learn about health and safety issues, how to care about your client’s needs,¬†sanitation and infection control.

Training can take up to 2 years but all depending on one’s self-confidence and experiences.

Externship training is available. Graduates are qualified to sit for their state’s licensing exam.

Enroll in an Apprenticeship Program

If you are able to snag an apprenticeship even though it will take longer to complete, you will be getting paid instead of paying for the other courses above.

As an apprentise, you will have to complete more schooling and hours on the job over a longer period of time. You can though be fast-tracked depending on your skill levels.

Each state and therefore Country has its own outline strict requirements. Some states may need to say 100 hours of schooling over the apprenticeship period where others may require more or less.

This is the main reasoning why there will never be a national license as the standards vary so much from state to start and of course money revenue for each state, you have to license in.

Once complete your apprentices you are eligible to apply for their state license at the completion of their training.

Step 2: Earn State Licensing

According to the BLS, estheticians are required to be licensed in all 50 states. Please check with your own Country licensed board for licensing requirements.

Licensure qualifications vary from state to state.

In most states you will there is a minimum age, education, and minimum training requirements.

To gain your license you must first pass written and practical tests to prove that you are able to carry out the works in a safe and professional manner.

Just about all states have their own licensing examinations for each of the lists below:

  • skincare specialists
  • manicurists/pedicurists.
  • Some states require licenses to be renewed periodically.

Step 3: Find Employment

Once you have completed your apprenticeship or training course and have satisfied the licensing board you are free to do whichever now.

The world is your oyster, you can seek employment by working for an established salon or beauty spa shop, become a nail and wax technician or specialize more down into skin lightening procedures and products.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), barbers, cosmetologists, and hairdressers expect an employment growth of 13% from 2012-2022 (

Skincare specialist jobs, in particular, are expected to increase by 40% during that same period.

The BLS also stated that, as of 2014, the mean annual wage for skincare specialists was $33,810

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